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This is simply a space for posting various pieces of writing. Its primary function is to motivate me to write and think more.

I have a background in academic philosophy. I've written a doctoral thesis on the work of the philosopher Paul Ricoeur (Technologies in Practice: Paul Ricoeur and the Hermeneutics of Technique, 2018 ).

You will also find some amateur music on this site. This music was made under the moniker Loop Dreams .


This Site

When I originally started this site, I would write posts in markdown, convert them to html with pandoc, and then copy/paste them into individual html files. Recently, I discovered this wonderful bash script by Drew/uoou/Friendo, which automates a lot of this process. It makes writing posts, updating the rss feed and making general changes to the site a million times easier.

Most of the core css is taken from simple css by Kev Quirk.

This site is also a member of the 512kb Club.

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For enquiries, comments, or conversations email eoin@spool-five.com.