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Author: Eoin Carney Published: Apr, 2021

I decided to update the structure and content of this site a bit.

I basically just merged the content of my Gemini capsule with the material here. It didn’t make sense to have two separate spaces any more. Most of what I do here is just writing text files. Gemini allows me to do that much easier and more effectively. So, I’ll primarily be working with Gemini and mirroring the files here every now and then. The only real ‘additional’ content here is the music page.

I’ve also added some extra sections to the site under the posts tab:

The more I think about it, the less ‘benefits’ I see to running a html-based blog. One of the main ‘pros’ is you have much more power over formatting/styling the text, which is especially useful for kinds of content which require a rigorous, user-defined style structure, like longer academic writings or CVs. Even then, you could just upload pdfs to Gemini.

The main reason for keeping a html-based blog is for ‘directing’ other people towards it, since visiting a Gemini page will require downloading additional (albeit tiny) software. Also, a lot of people ‘expect’ sites to look quite ‘styled’, as opposed to finding just text and links. Having said that, I never actually direct people to this blog really, or link to it. In fact, my gemini capsule is far more ‘visible’ in many ways. It’s mostly on gemini/gopher that I’ve actually had people reading/engaging with the material.

Anyway, the basic point is that this site is pretty much redundant with regard to my personal needs. I hope that Gemini grows more as a blogging space. It is such a pleasure to write using it.

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