Spool Five

This is simply a space for posting various pieces of writing. Its primary function is to motivate me to write and think more.

I have a background in academic philosophy. I’ve written a doctoral thesis on the work of the philosopher Paul Ricoeur (Technologies in Practice: Paul Ricoeur and the Hermeneutics of Technique, 2018).

I have started (June 2022) keeping my personal reference notes. They are available for perusal under the heading Box3.

You will also find some amateur music here. This music was made under the moniker Loop Dreams .


  • Philosophy (the hermeneutic and post-structuralist traditions)
  • Film (I love Jacques Rivette, Lucrecia Martel, Lee Chang-Dong, Howard Hawks, Bela Tarr)
  • Literature (especially Kafka and Borges)
  • Music (Morton Feldman, Wandelweiser, Sonic Youth, Julius Eastman, Jay Dilla, Joanna Newsom)

This Site

Currently hosted on Sourcehut. It’s a great service and I definitely recommend checking it out!

Most of the blog content here is mirrored from my Gemini capsule. Some of the links may appear ‘broken’. This will usually be because they are links to resources hosted on Gemini. To find out more about Gemini, you can visit the Gemini Project page.

As of July 2022, I use Hugo to generate the pages for this site.

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For enquiries, comments, or conversations email eoincarney0 [at] gmail.com (pgp).