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Comitium and Gopher

I’ve added a new ‘feed’ section to my capsule. It uses ‘comitium’ by alex/nytpu.

Alex’s Capsule Comitium

The timing of comitium’s release was perfect. I have recently been browsing gopher a lot more and I was missing the ability to subscribe to feeds. I really love the way you can do it in Amfora.

So, I was trying to figure out a solution for tracking both gopher and gemini feeds without having to constantly switch between browsers. Also, I was just trying to figure out how ‘feeds’ worked in the first place (I’m still a bit clueless about the technical aspects of them). Anyway, comitium seems to be able to solve all those problems.

The only thing I haven’t figured out yet is how to get the ‘proxy’ feature of Amfora working properly. I’ve downloaded the agena python script that solderpunk developed for serving gopher content on gemini, but I can’t figure out the right syntax to get it working with Amfora.

Today, I’ve just been using Lagrange for a change. I don’t like the look/feel of it as much as Amfora, but it’s not bad at all.

I also have a gopherhole now. It’s at:


EDIT - 27 March - Gopher proxy on Amfora

Okay, I figured out how to get the agena server working! Thanks to this post:


I’ll re-post the steps below, since the information wasn’t that easy to find (gemspace.info got me there in the end! grimmware had also mentioned writing the post on gemini, so the gemspace.info search had indexed that. I couldn’t find said post on gemini, so I check their gopherhole and there it was).

I guess it is probably straight-forward if you’re already familiar with these kinds of things, but I wasn’t.

  1. Download the Agena script:

Agena at tildegit

  1. Generate a certificate for agena on localhost (here, I deviated from grimmware’s post above and used the method I was already familiar with. I’m not sure about the pros and cons of either method):
  openssl req -new -subj "/CN=localhost" -x509 -newkey ec -pkeyopt ec_paramgen_curve:prime256v1 -days 3650 -nodes -out cert.pem -keyout key.pem
  1. Run agena.py

  2. Add the following to the amfora config, in the proxy section:

   gopher = "localhost:1965"
  1. Launch Amfora and you should be able to browse gopher!

I’m so happy I got this working because I really, really love Amfora!

Sun Mar 21, 2021 - 390 Words

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