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Gitlog Client

This is a short followup to my previous post.

Gitlog on Port 9418

The more I think about Solderpunk’s idea, the more I love it. I also really loved this recent post by mntn, which seems to provide a good solution to the question of linking:

A Proposal for a Git Link Url

I realised that a possible ‘client’ already exists for such a thing - magit. I quickly checked, and magit does indeed have functions for managing multiple repositories (things like ‘magit-repository-directories’ and ‘magit-list-repositories’).

Here’s what the interface looks like for a directory containing repositories when you invoke ‘magit-list-repositories’:

Screenshot (png)

Not all that different from a news feed. It even sorts them by date. Not everyone uses emacs, but it’s still interesting to see how these tools already exist.

Wed Oct 27, 2021 - 129 Words

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