Spool Five

Box 3

The Box 3 portion of this website is my attempt at creating an online directory of personal knowledge notes. It comprises one section of my personal notes management system.

It is inspired by “Digital Gardens” like evergreen notes and Nikita’s Knowledge Wiki, but on a much smaller scale. It might be more appropriate to say it is directly inspired by m150’s wiki on ichi.city.

Most of the code for this site is taken from Jethro Kuan’s personal knowledge notes. Jethro Kuan also happens to be the creator of Org Roam, which was the tool that started me down the track of Zettelkasten note-taking. I now use denote.

Finally, my intention here is to not simply replicate knowledge which is readily available elsewhere. So, my emphasis will be on the term personal in ‘personal knowledge’ and the various topics which you my find here are somewhere between knowledge and opinion.

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