Spool Five


The prompt for today was pretty difficult. Since it was the “13th” poem, the challenge was to write something with a positive message.

I found it difficult to think of a positive message without being a bit ‘sentimental’ and corny. The world, in general, doesn’t seem very hopeful these days (admittedly, I had just listened to a podcast about the recent IPCC report). Anyway, not too happy at all with this one.

When gray days spit rain and low clouds box in
When you don't have anything left to give
She's not far, she's not shy, she's forgiving
She will do what it takes to make you live

Her guitar sits by her radio stand
Twelve apostles guard her bedroom door
She'll take you backstage to meet with the band
Bury your kindness and never ask for more

Wed Apr 13, 2022 - 138 Words