Spool Five

The Thing About Plants

The prompt for today was to write a poem which would be the opening scene for the movie of your life. As usual, I find it difficult to write about personal things. So, instead, I wrote a poem inspired by a good friend who told me about recent movements involving ‘plant sensuality/eroticism’. I can’t say that I really understand the movement, but I deciced to try write a poem in a similar vein. In light of today’s prompt, perhaps it could be the opening scene for a love story about the woods.

The caress of leaves
against the back of your hand
The prick of the thorns
enlivens you senses
the sweet scent of a lily
the burnt scent of bark
the twigs below your feet crack like a whip
the slippery dew of the grass inviting you
your tongue reaches out
to take the flower in your mouth

Thu Apr 14, 2022 - 149 Words